We are a FIRM famiy! Faithful Immovable Righteous and Motivated! That is the Adams family MOTO!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dauphin Island Day 1

Today was our first day in Dauphin Island, Alabama for our Christmas vacation. We are staying in a beautiful home for a week. We are in walking distance to the beach (Gulf of Mexico), tennis court, and play ground. We spent some time on the beach today. The kids even got in a little (burrr). It was 55 degrees today! Loooving it!! We got to see a whole family of dolphins. It was hard to get them on camera, but we were all excited and amazed at their beauty and majestic nature. I just knew that would be the highlight of my day, but I was wrong. As I was walking some of the children back, Eliza stepped on a burr and began to cry. I turned around to help her only to see that Spencer had beat me to it. He helped her limp at first, but when that was not successful, he have her a piggy back ride. THAT was the highlight of my day. I LOVE it when my kids show love for each other w/OUT being prompted to do so by a parent. I will post more pictures as the week goes by. As for now, I am in heaven w/my sweet children and heroic hubby!

Gabriel got stuck carrying all of Spencer's things when he was carrying Eliza. He stopped in the middle of the road to put on his shoes and resituate his load. I said, "Gabriel! You are sitting in the middle of the road!". The look of confusion and panic on his face was priceless!

Friday, December 11, 2009

King Benjamin's Address

On Friday (12/11/09) Tom invited the families of all of the Seminary kids to Seminary. They are studying Mosiah 2-7 on King Benjamin's address. Tom, Josh, Cambron, and I went to the church the night before and set up tents, chairs, audio visual, and a sky lift in preperation for "King Benjamin's address". We were so excited at the turn out Friday morning. The gym looked amazing and fun. Tom dressed the part and went up on the sky lift (a little scary for me). He discussed and read part of King Benjamin's address while families sat in the tents. It really was a great way to bring the scriptures to life. Afterwards, they watched a short video while they had refreshments. He expressed to the parents how much he loved the Seminary kids. I hope this very thought out activity really made the Seminary students feel loved.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year we stayed home and spent time as a family. We didn't have anyone over and didn't go anywhere. We LOVED it and had so much fun. Abigail and I painted a Thanksgiving sign on the window. We also had fun making homemade name tags and napkin rings for the table. Tom sang us a song before dinner. We had our dinner in the evening because Tom had to work. He only had to work so that he could have more vacation days to use over Christmas break. We are going to Alabama for a week (Dauphin Island), and then up to Indiana for a week to see all of my family. We are SO excited!!

Happy 12th Birthday Abigail!

Happy 12th Birthday Abigail(11/24)!! I asked her a few weeks ago what she wanted to do for her birthday. Without hesitation, she responded, "I want to go to the temple and then out w/my friends. That is exactly what we did. Cambron, Sariah, Abigail, Tom, and I all went to do baptisms on Abigail's birthday. Later that night, her and her friends Elizabeth and Caitlyn, went to see The New Moon movie. Lori came w/me and we all had a blast! I can't believe how grown up she is now!