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Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Catch Up!

Ok, with summer here life is more busy then ever! We stay SO busy during the summer that I haven't had time to blog. Sorry. I am going to give a short summary of many of the things we have been doing this summer so far. Sorry, this may make it a bit lengthy!

Alexis, Sariah, and I went to girl's camp this year. As usual, it was in Troy Missouri. It was the HOTTEST week of the summer, but I really enjoyed it. I loved being there with my two girls and we really had a lot of fun. We did a Zipline and Sariah did GREAT, I was TERRIFIED, and Alexis got too scared. If you want to see all the pics of that go to my facebook (melissa zumbrun adams). Next year, I will have three girls there! Camp was June 23-27

At the very end of school, May 30th-June7th Tom took all the kids (but Alexis who went to stay w/her Aunt Melissa in MO) to Utah to see family and help his mom paint and do other needed projects around the house. They went to the Copper Mines, the open house of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, a water park, and spent lots of time with family. Where was I? At home, ALL by myself and loving it. I went to the Temple nearly everyday and sometimes more then once. I really did enjoy the break before summer got going full force. My hubby is awesome in every way!

JULY 4th!!!!
Our good friends (The Steen's) married off their oldest daughter Sage. She was married in the Nauvoo Temple to Zach Scott. It was a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous reception!

Then we went to the fire works in Quincy, IL. We had company staying with us (Merlin & Louis Blad) and they took us to our favorite restaurant in Quincy (Best Buffet). Then we went on the river to watch the fire works. They were SO awesome and we really enjoyed the time as a family. However, Josh could not be there due to work :(. We missed not having him with us, but we did have a great 4th together.

Gabriel's 7th birthday (July 8th). For Gabriel's b-day Tom and I took him to a movie (Disney's Up), out to lunch and then shopping. He picked out a pair of shoes for his present. Later, we had a b-day party for him and our good friend Kim. Gabriel was excited to share his b-day party w/Kim. He then went swimming w/his family and friends. I really love my little guy! Tom and I really enjoyed spending the time alone with me. The day was topped off perfect when he said, "Mom, this is the BEST birthday I have ever had." He is so loving and easy to please! Gabriel also learned how to ride a bike this summer. He loves riding around town with his older brothers.

Tom has also been busy, busy, busy! Him and the boys built a fence on the south side of the house. I love it because it gives us privacy while we swim and have family fun in the back yard. We put our pool up again this year and it takes a lot of work to keep it clean. However, the kids LOVE it and Eliza is a little fish in the water. Tom also made a golf course around the yard. It is SO cute, and the kids have fun playing golf, but we make them use a foam ball so they don't cause any damage. We also did some updates in our kitchen this summer. Tom put in new laminate wood floors for my b-day and we had Lowe's install new counter tops. I am loving my new kitchen. I don't have pictures, but we also put in new carpet in Alexis' room, the stairs, and the hallway area downstairs.

The kids are staying busy as well. Josh is now working full time for NRI (Nauvoo Restoration Inc.) as a painter. It makes good money and keeps him busy. Alexis is working for Annie's Custard shop and still takes care of Nicolas on Saturdays. Her boss at Annie's loves her and thinks she is a great, friendly worker. Cambron works at the concession stand for Pageant nearly every night, hangs out w/friends, and does some odd jobs for money. Sariah does some babysitting, works at concession, volunteers at the Matthew House (a cat house in Carthage), and has starting tumbling class. She and Abigail both pay for the tumbling lessons themselves by trading babysitting for the instructor. They both love it and seem to have a natural talent for it. Abigail and Emma Jo both played softball this year. They both wished that they could pitched, but enjoy playing just about any position. Spencer, Gabriel, and Eliza swim, play golf, play with friends, and hang out at home. As for Tom, he is in his last semester of school. He is taking over twice the load he should be, but will graduate August 31st! We can't wait! As for me? Well, I just keep my head above water trying to keep track and take care of my beautiful brood! I love my family and summer. We also seem to always have people coming to stay with us for the summer. We have had people staying with us since June 23rd and will have people here almost till mid August. Just in time for school to start and summer to be over. Only wish we had hotter weather. But hey, our electric bill looks good when we don't have to turn on the AC. I promise I won't let so much time go by. This blog to FAR to long and I do believe that I learned my lesson. Sorry for any typos, but I am not about to proof read!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spencer's Scout Day

A fun day of scout's for Spencer. He ended up winning 3rd place in the boat race! They had lots of fun and ate ice cream out of a rain gutter. He doesn't look so happy because he got grounded from his bike right before he went. That is a major let down for poor Spencer. He had a great time after a while! :) He LOVES scouts and looks forward to it every week!