We are a FIRM famiy! Faithful Immovable Righteous and Motivated! That is the Adams family MOTO!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Marshmallow Roast

Last Thursday (April 16th) we went outside and had a marshmallow roast. We had planned on having it during spring break, but the weather and time kept getting in the way. It was cool because we had regular marshmallows and then we had strawberry and carmel flavor. We didn't even know they made those. What will they come up with next? As you can see from the pics, Eliza was a very sticky mess. The fire pit you see was built by Tom, Josh, and Cambron. I have very resourceful boys:). We really enjoy sitting around a fire. We can't wait to go camping this year. Our family loves doing things outdoors. Bring on the summer weather!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Hannah Montana Movie

Over spring break the girls and I went to see the new Hannah Montana Movie. The girls and I did our fun thing and Tom and the boys went and did their fun thing. They went and played at the park with some fun new "sports toys" they bought. I am the one that had the camera, so the girls pictures are all we have. Aren't my girls a bunch of dolls? Oh, by they way, the Hannah Montana movie was actually a lot better then I expected it to be. I really thought I would "endure" for my girls' sake, but I actually really enjoyed it.

Mormon Prom

Josh got to go to a tri-stake "Mormon Prom" in Columbia Missouri on April 10th. It was for the Laurels and Priest (16 & older). Four girls and three boys from our ward went all the way to Columbia, MO to this Prom. Josh looked SO handsome. He went and got his hair cut that day. From what I heard, he was one of the best dressed boys there. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

The Easter Cantata

Tom had the wonderful opportunity to play the role of the Savior again in the town's Easter Cantata. Usually this is held as a full production and Tom would have several lines and a few songs. Due to the JSA stage being gone they went to a more simple route. They did a monologue and singing. Tom did not want to do it at first. However, the director gave him free range to say whatever he wanted. This really made Tom excited. He does such an amazing job and it really felt good to watch him play this role. Sariah and Cambron got to be "angels" in at the end. They look so cute! This was done the same weekend that we did General Conference, so it made for one really full weekend.

Performance times were: Saturday (April 4th) 7:00pm, & Sunday (5th) 2:00pm

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Granny Awards and Ninja PJ's

Ok, I am putting two things together here. First, Sariah and Abigail were in a school play for 5th & 6th grade called "The Granny Awards". Sariah was Snow White and Abigail was Little Red Riding Hood. By the time we got their make-up put on I was a little freaked out how grown up and beautiful my girls looked. I think Alexis was just as proud as I was.

The other set of pictures are of the boys. Gabriel got a new pair of pj's that had a ninja on it. He wanted to pose like the ninja on his shirt. His older brother was trying to show him how to do it. It was SO cute that I just had to get my camera. Then all the boys wanted to join in (even Tom). Wow, I have such cute boys!