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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Noodles w/the neighbors!

Today our friend and neighbor, Annee Childs, came over to teach the kids and I how to make homemade (from scratch) noodles. The kids had so much fun, and some were even fighting over who could help. Annee made it so fun by actually making the dough right on the counter w/no bowl. The kids really got a kick out of that, but not as much as seeing the dough be cut into spaghetti! That was COOL!! After we were done and cleaned up, we cooked the spaghetti and sat down together to eat it. It was SO yummy and very filling! The kids LOVED eating there own creation. We plan to do all sorts of really fun stuff with pasta now. Thanks Annee for all that yummy fun! By the way, her sweet hubby comes twice a week to teach my kids and I Spanish. What would my homeschool be like w/out such cool, smart neighbors?! The Childs family ROCKS!!

Our home is for sale by owner!

We started a new blog for our home. The web address is homeforsalebyownerinnauvoo.blostspot.com. Below are the pictures we posted on the blog. Check it out!