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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Alexis!!

Alexis had a few friends over for her 15th birthday. It wasn't anything big. We had some snacks, a cake, some friends, and watched Twilight! I can't believe my baby is getting so old! That night we went to the YW broadcast. It was great to be there with her and Sariah. I hope you had a great birthday Alexis!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abigail had a seizure and passed out at Casey's!

I was quietly working on my computer when a woman ran to our door telling Cambron to get his mom quickly. I ran out the door and Louis told me Abigail fell down at Casey's. Casey's is right across the street from us, so I ran over there and walked in to see my baby laying on the floor just pale as a ghost. She looked sick, white, and scared. When she saw me tears came to her eyes. That really chocked me up, but I knew I had to appear strong. When I asked what happened, they said that she was just standing there, starting "twitching" then fell over (from a standing position). She hit her head three times on the shelves in front of her before finally hitting her head on the ground. Ouch!

By Heavenly Father's mercy, there just happened to be a paramedic in the next isle over. He was already taking care of her when I came in. It was his wife who came and got me. Because they were not sure why she passed out and because she hit her head so many times they decided it would be best to call an ambulance. I agreed 100%! I wasn't about to take a chance.

I was SO grateful that Rob and Janette Glass showed up to take care of her. They are such good friends that they are like family to us. Janette wasn't even on duty, but she rode in the back w/Abigail. I rode up in the front of the cab. At one point in time I felt this bad feeling that she was probably scared back there w/out me. I looked back and saw these two people that I know,love, and completely trust. My next thought was how much I KNOW these two people love my daughter. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. I am SO grateful the Glass family is part of our lifes.

Thank you to the Deprima's, the Glass', Leah (& other worker's @ Casey's), and all the hospital staff! And thank you to Abigail's sweet friend Racheal who had to witness the whole thing. How scary for her!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok, I couldn't resist. . .here are some pictures of my sickies!

And the winner of the most pathetic face is. . . .

Tom. . .

A House Full of Sickness!

Out of respect for the ill, I do not have pictures to show. It would be a sad, pathetic picture if I did. I offically have 6 sick children and one sick hubby. I feel like a nurse at a hostipal making rounds. I've been taking temps, giving drinks, cleaning up puke (tom's), cleaning spills (kids to weak to hold their own water), and giving meds (well, silver biotic & emergenC). All this I'm doing while trying to sanatize the house in order to prevent myself or the other 3 survivors from getting hit w/the bug. My poor family is miserable with fevers, headaches, aching bodies, chills, & sore throats. Tom is the only one throwing up.

Tom says I could be put away for attempted murder for giving him the tonic I did yesterday. I gave him a tonic w/garlic, ginger, lemon juice, cayenne, and honey. He nearly blacked out after drinking it. Then he tried to get up to throw it up, and threw up on our bed and the floor before making it to the toilet. The nice thing is that I just took off all of my bedding to wash it, so he did not get it on my bedspread. Lucky for him. He teased the kids when they got home and said I had tried to kill him. Our home teacher and another friend came over last night to give all the sickies a blessing.

Today is another day of mommy playing nurse. I may not get paid like a nurse, but it is a good thing that Heavenly Father pays well, because I need all the strength I can get right now! But hey, I've always said I would rather deal w/it all at once, then one at a time for weeks. So the question is. . .Now that I am in the middle of it, do I take it back? Nope, I would still rather get it over with. Bring it on!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spencer's Baptism & 8th Birthday

Spencer turned 8 on January 12th. He was baptized on 1-17-09 by his dad. A lot of people came and then we had a b-day party for him. The baptism was great and Spencer was so very sweet. I am so honored to be his mommy. He wants so hard to always do what is right.