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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camping w/Dad!

Friday night (5/14/10), there was supposed to be a father son camp out and Sariah and Abigail were supposed to do an overnight camp out with the young women. Well, for some reason both of these events got canceled. The kids were SO disappointed! Tom decided he was going to just take all of the kids and let me have the house to myself. I LOVE camping, but I SO needed some me time too. They went to circle G campground about 10 miles south of Carthage. They had SO much fun. They rented paddles boats and canoes. The most fun they had was playing with they clay they found! What a muddy mess. I so enjoyed my time alone and ended up going to the movies with my good friend Lori. They came home this morning a muddy mess, but I was SO glad to have them back. Tom is such an awesome dad and husband. I am so grateful that he loves doing things with his family!