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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Trip To Utah during Sariah's 13th Birthday

While we were in Utah, Sariah turned 13th (on the 15th). Before we left I bought her a cake and the kids had a little party for her on Sunday. Then her and I went out the next weekend and watched a movie and went to dinner. I really enjoyed the time alone with her. I can't believe she is an official teenager!

Tom and I took a trip to Utah by ourselves. Tom's sister Cassie was sealed to her hubby in the Bountiful Temple and Tom and I flew out to witness it. It was a wonderful experience that we were honored to be a part of. Unfortunetly, I did not get any pics of the family, but we did get some pictures of our day spent on Temple Square in Salt Lake. I had a glimps of what it might feel like for people to come to Nauvoo and bask in the beauty of it all. I loved being on Temple Square and doing a session in the Salt Lake Temple. It goes to show that no matter what Temple you are in, the Spirit is so strong. I LOVED seeing family, being on Temple Square, AND being alone w/my hubby!

As for the dog pictures. . .We took our friend's dog to Utah w/us. Having a dog ON the plane w/us was quiet an experience! Harry was not very happy with being crammed in a small bag and shoved under the seat in front of us. It seemed inhumane! Tom couldn't handle it so he did a no,no, and unzipped the bag so Harry could at least let his head out. He did manage to fall asleep for a few minutes like that. He was so cute, and Tom was so sweet with him. He was SO happy to be out when we finally got to Utah!

Our sweet friends Tacy and Jessie took care of the bulk of our children. My kids fell in LOVE w/them both. I am so grateful for such awesome people that I can trust w/my kids. I am even more grateful that my children didn't scare these women away from wanting children :o)!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Injuries, B-days, Projects, Sports, Seminary, and much, much MORE!!!

So I must again repent for not keeping up! My computer was SOOOO slow that it took me SO long to do any blogging. Well this new laptop is a speedy little burger! Thank You my honey. Our family is doing great and keeping very busy. I hope to take more time to blog now. As for now, here is a quick cap of the last few months.

Sariah sang in the school choir. She has a gorgeous voice! This was on Monday October 19, 2009

Tom invited me to Seminary one morning. He is SO amazing! It is no wonder all of the students love him. He really loves the students and loves teaching them.

We started home schooling 6 of the kids (7 when Sariah is dones with basket ball) on Monday October 19, 2009. These are some pictures of Tom teaching the kids a science lesson/experiment. He is such a GOOD teacher. We had lots of fun and learned something fun and new!

Sariah on Super Hero day!

OUCH!! Alexis had to get 6 stitches in her left hand. Thanks AGAIN Janette and Rob; you always stitch us up! This happened Thursday October 29, 2009

We have been baking bread nearly everyday! YUM!! This is a picture of a our 9 grain bread. The kids and Tom LOVE the smell and taste of home made bread. Do not be fooled. This was NOT baked in an oven. It is all done in my bread maker.

Alexis playing volleyball. She is pretty good, but I HATE the shorts! She looks a little too cute in them.

Cambron played fall ball this year. He is fast, a good hitter, and can pitch well! His team won sectionals, regionals, and went to state. His team was amazing this season!

Gabriel and Spencer just "hanging" out w/dad. Oh how I wish the picture could have sound. The giggles were priceless. :o)

This ALWAYS seems to happen when I make the smoothies too thick and kids can't wait for a straw! hehehe

OUCH again! Cambron broke his hand back in July (2009) at boy scout camp. He broke it playing football on a Thursday and insisted on going to finish the last 2 days of camp. He had a blast, but his hand is still not 100%.

HALLOWEEN!!!! One of our favorite holidays. We always go all out for this holiday. Everything from costumes, parties, snacks, trick-or-treating, plastic flys in ice cubes, and body parts in punch. Halloween is a fun family tradition in our house. After all, we are the Adams family. *snap* *snap*

HAPPY 10th Birthday Emma Jo! She is a entire decade now!

This picture is Tom with his pet bird Mango. We got her from the Steen's for his graduation present. She LOVES him and squaks every time he walks in the room. She loves to "snuggle" with the top of her head to your cheek. She is a great addition to our family.

YEAH!! Josh is working on his Eagle and this is his Eagle scout project. Ok, ok, ok, so did not start out so great. We were late, the camera would NOT work, forgot the donuts, the NRI gate was not open to get the equipment, and the truck got stuck. Ugh! But all else went well! The project will be finished by next Saturday!

Edible art! Yum. We are studying the first Thanksgiving and the early American history. These Tee Pees are made with sugar cones. We had so much fun making them and they were yummy too!