We are a FIRM famiy! Faithful Immovable Righteous and Motivated! That is the Adams family MOTO!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Eliza!

On August 26th, Eliza turned 6 years old. Wow, time has gone so fast. It is hard to believe she is my baby! We made her a special breakfast before school. Then we sent cupcakes and ice cream for her class at school. After school she went out to dinner with mommy daddy. She wanted Chinese. Then we took her to Wal-Mart to get her ears pierced, but there was nobody there to do it. She was so sad, so we let her pic out a really pretty necklace. At home, we gave her the present we got her. All in all she had a great b-day! We love you Eliza. You are a GREAT little girl!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary to us!

Today is Tom and my anniversary. We have now been married 14 years and are still madly in love. For those who don't know, Tom and I met in the Chicago Temple on June 7,1995 and were married 2 1/2 months later in the Chicago Temple.

I wish words could express how I feel about him. Tom gives me such a sense of security and comfort. To some that may seem boring, but what in life is better? I know that my husband loves me. I know that he cherishes me. I know that he will always take care of me emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.

I have loved the last 14 years of my marriage and really look forward to the many years to come. I know without doubt that Tom and I will be together forever! Having that knowledge makes all things seem bearable AND exciting. I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for us and our family.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Vacation during Cambron's 14th b-day.

From August 13-15 we took a mini family vacation to Quincy. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and had lots of fun. Friday night we met Rob and Janette Glass at The Best Buffet for dinner. That is our favorite Chinese buffet and some of our favorite friends. We went swimming at the hotel that night and played cards.

On Saturday we swam in the morning then went skating at Scottie's Skateland for 3 1/2hours. We had SO much fun and falls! Our friend Zach met us there. That night we had been invited by the Arnold's to join the Quincy Ward picnic. We went to Wal-Mart and got lots of food for the picnic and for later that night. We hung out with the cool people from Quincy and the kids got to see new and old freinds and play guitar. After the picnic we came back to the hotel to do some more swimming and celebrate Cambron's 14th birthday.

On Sunday we went to the Quincy Ward. We stayed after and got to witness Zach Hussey getting his priesthood. That was quiet an honor! All in all, we had a blast. We got home just in time to go to the open house for Warsaw school. The kids are going there this year and we are way excited.

The vacation was perfect for our family to have right before school started!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tom the Fix-It Man

Ok, so I knew Tom could fix anything he got his hands on, but he is just SO busy with school, work, and other desperate repairs that I just didn't want to bother him with the washing machine. We bought a warranty on the machine, so I thought I would just call them. Well, by some default my washing machine wasn't even registered. They couldn't even find my washer with the serial number.

I pleaded with Tom that if he would just look at it for now I would figure out the warranty later. So Tom, being the sweet amazing husband that he is, went to work. Sorry, but to a mother of NINE a washing machine is the most important piece of equipment in the house.

In short, it was a blessing that we didn't have the warranty info because it would not have covered what was wrong with my washer. The pictures below will explain.

Tom digging his hands in. He knew there was a clog. He thought maybe it was a sock.

hhhmmmm. . .what is in the pan?

Cambron pours the contents into a strainer.

Nasty!! And smelly! Is that money?

And the grand total? $3.26! Enough to buy Tom a good boy treat! Thanks Tom! That is a sign of TRUE love. A woman can't live without a washing machine!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

For Sale Sign in Our Yard

Several people have stopped by, called, emailed, and texted me to find out why there is a "For Sale" sign in my yard. I thought I would just explain to all so there would be no more guessing and wondering.

To answer the questions. . .Yes, we are selling our house and yes we are trying to move. The big questions have been "Where?", "Why?" and "When?". I hope to answer all three without giving too much info. The "where" is easy. We are moving to Warsaw, IL and will be attending Nauvoo 3rd Ward. The "when" is really up in the air. It depends on the sell of our home and our faith.

The "Why" gets a paragraph all on its own. There are a few "whys" to our move. The number one is just plain and simply because we feel inspired to. We feel Heavenly Father's desire for Warsaw to grow. Perhaps it is time for members to be in Warsaw? Anyone want to join us:)? The most exciting reason for our move is our family. The home we are moving to is out in the country on a BEAUTIFUL piece of property. It is quiet, peaceful, and serene. The view is breath taking. Tom and I are excited to get out where we can be together more as a family.

For those who would like to see pictures of the home we are moving to, go to jeffwiemelt.com and click on listings. They are divided into locations. Go to the one in Warsaw, IL and then click on the little red icon that says 360 degree tour. Please keep in mind that the pictures of the view do no justice for what you see in person. If you live close by, call me and I will be glad to take you out to see the property.

Until the move, could you all pray for our family that this will work out. We know without doubt that this is meant to be, and we are SO grateful for the suppport and love of friends and family. It is comforting to know that you have enough faith in us that we are not being judged.

Please know that leaving Nauvoo is VERY hard for us. We love the peace and joy of living in the shadow of the Temple. It is also hard for me to leave my home, friends, and the Yound Women. We have done so much to this house and the home we are moving to is much smaller. However, I know without doubt that this is what Father in Heaven wants for us and I am willing to do this because I LOVE Him and am grateful for ALL my blessings. How could I ever tell Him no?

Thanks for understanding and for all your love and support. My joy in life would be nothing if I didn't have such awesome friends and family. I love you ALL!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Tribute to Josh

Summer seems to be slipping away from me. A few days ago I seemed excited about the idea of school starting again only because I need a little structure back in my life. However, as it gets closer, I find my heart aching. I know that this is Josh's last summer with us and I wish there was a little more time.

You see, I'm the type of mom who loves my kids with my whole heart, but the thought of them going off and leaving brings me excitement. This isn't because I won't miss my kids, but rather an excitement of what their lives will bring. It's more of a curiosity I should say. I'm curious to see what great things they will accomplish in their lives. I have complete confidence in my children. I know without a doubt that they will do great things.

While I am very excited to see Josh move on to bigger and better things in life, I feel a twinge in my heart. I don't feel like I got to have enough time with him. I cannot begin to tell you what a great joy it is to me that he has made the choice to serve a mission. I know raising him has brought me a lot of heart ache and worry, but as I see him mature and grow to be more like his dad each day my heart swells with great love and joy! I am excited to see him grow physically and spiritually. I feel as though I now have a young man in my presence in place of a boy.

Josh will graduate this December and leave for his mission around January of 2011. I only wish there could be a little more time with him as he is now. What a great young man he has turned out to be. And to think of the MANY trials and challenges he has been through in his life. He is a prime example of what the Savior can do to heal a wounded soul.

Josh, I love you and am SO proud of who you have become. You will be a great missionary some day and an even greater husband and father! And thank you Tom for being such an amazing example of what a father and husband should be!