We are a FIRM famiy! Faithful Immovable Righteous and Motivated! That is the Adams family MOTO!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Fun Week of time travel, hats, school spirit, and MORE . . .

Ok, this last week was "fun" week at school and each day was a new day to dress up in a fun way. Our kids really got into this. They had so much fun. In the begining of the week the other students kind of teased some of our kids, but they didn't care. They kept having fun and by the end of the week the other students thought the kids were so cool. I am proud of the kids for doing it no matter what. It was a fun week!

Monday was "backwards" day. I have a confession on this picture; it wasn't taken on Monday. When I told the kids that I was going to post the pictures on the blog they said, "You can't put all the days on there and not Monday." I told them it was too late and they said I should just "recreate" the picture. We did that on Friday, but I didn't get what the hair looked like. The girl's had me put ponytails on the top of their heads so that their heads looked backwards too. They even put sunglasses on the back of their heads. They had so much fun and looked so cute.

Tuesday was HAT day! I actually had to straighten some of the girl's hair so they would look "cool" in their hats.

Wednesday was blast from the past day! The 3 girls were from the 80's. Sariah was from 1800's. She was Jane Austin. The 2 boys were from the 70's and 80's. I think this day was their favorite day!

Thursday was Hawaiian day! I found some leis and hair flowers on clearance at Wal-Mart. I had to leave early that morning so Sariah & Abigail took the pictures after I had everyone dressed. That is why we had to take two pictures.

This was Friday (5/15); school spirit day! The kids loved having their faces painted. The boys REALLY thought it was COOOOOL!! They also wore school colors. Cayden Mathews was at our house that morning.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

As always, I had a GREAT Mother's Day. I started my day with talking to my mom for about an hour, then my hubby and kids brought me breakfast in bed. They made lots of fresh fruit and vegan sausage. It was really yummy. Then came the cards, gifts,and coupons. Let me just say that home made cards and coupons are the BEST mother's day gifts ever. I felt like a princess sitting in my bed. Then came the present from my hubby. . .you know, the one he was NOT supposed to buy do to our new "wants and needs" program we are on. However, he claims we "NEED" to keep the mom happy, and mom was not happy w/her old camera. I LOVE my new camera. The picture of my room shows the cool panorama option. I can't wait to take some beautiful scenery pictures with this option. Thanks Tom and kids for such a wonderful Mother's Day. You are what being a mother is all about. You make everything worth it. I love all of you SO much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Family Play House

This is too cute! Saturday morning (5/9/09) I went to the temple and then to Stake Meetings for Young Women. This is what I came home to. My sweet hubby and darling children were building a play house. They were using some old wood given to us by a friend Tom helped. Tom had all of the kids working and they were all excited to be doing it! This is just the base and they have since then built the walls, but I will get more pictures posted later. Watching my hubby and children work together so happily just gave me warm fuzzies. I can't wait to see the finished project. As for now, it is time to finish Alexis' closet. I love my family!

Josh & Sariah Go To The St. Louis Zoo

Josh and Sariah went to the St. Louis Zoo on Tuesday May 5th with the Cox family. Yes, we let them skip school to go. The zoo is educational right? They had so much fun and Sariah took some great pictures of the animals. I didn't post all of them, but they are all gorgeous! The girl w/Sariah is her best friend Ruby, and they have a 19 year old named Bret. Josh and Bret are really good friends. By the way, Bret just got his mission call (5/9/09) and he is going to Argentina (Spanish speaking)! How exciting! Congratulations Bret!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cambron Went on a Plane Ride!

Our neighbor across the street from us (Bill) is a pilot, and he came over Saturday afternoon (5/02) and asked if Cambron wanted to go on a plane ride w/him and his son Cole. I have to say first that I never would have let him go had I not complete trust and faith in Bill. I was so excited and grateful to Bill for Cambron to have this opportunity. Cambron was VERY excited on one hand, but actually quiet nervous on the other. It was cute to see him so nervous. I ran and got my camera and told him to take pictures. These are a few of the pics he took. I love the one of the Temple. Bless his heart, he was so excited to take a picture of our house from the plane. Do you see the picture of our house? If not, it is becuase he took a picture of our good friends and neighbor the Steens! lol. He said, "Mom, I thought that was our house. It is hard to tell from up there." Bill said he would take him up again sometime and use his fancy camera that zooms in. I'm glad Cambron got to do this. How Fun! Thanks Bill and Cole!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alexis & Sariah were in a Fashion Show

Alexis & Sariah were models in a local fashion show on Saturday April 25th. They got to model clothing and costumes of local designers. They modeled designs by Nadine Klein and the photographs were taken by Nauvoo Portrait Studios (Denise Felt). Thanks ladies; my girls had LOADS of fun and looked gorgeous!!