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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the rest of Christmas vacation. . .

This post will be broken down into three areas: Christmas Day, Extended family, and service at Grandma and Granpa Zumbrun's.

First, Christmas Day. . .
On Christmas day we were still in the house on Dauphin Island. Because of the expense of the trip itself we really didn't do much in the way of presents. Tom's mom bought them a few, but the majority of them were gifts given from each other (the kids). I loved seeing the excitement of the kids giving each other used and homemade presents. Tom bought me a beautiful love pearl that I got to pry out of the clam. I think the kids were just as excited as I was. I then put the pearl into the necklace and Tom put it on me. Then as tradition would have it, we had a huge Christmas breakfast. We spent the day hanging out, playing games, and of course watching The Christmas Story. What fun!


Then a visit to see family. . .
After leaving Dauphin Island we traveled to Tennessee (8 hr drive) and stayed the night with my brother Jon and his wife and two adorable children. It was a short visit and their kids weren't feeling the greatest, so we were not able to take pictures. Actually, I just forgot to bring my camera in. Their little Alex ended up going to the ER. I felt so bad for them.

We left the next morning and drove to Indiana (7 hr drive) and got to see a bunch of my family. I LOVED seeing my family. I hadn't seen my brother Dave and his family for a while.

After some fun, we helped G & G Zumbrun move, clean, remodel, and organize their new and old house. They sold their home and bought a new one. They got a great deal on the new house, but it needed a lot of work done on it. The kids really pitched right in and helped (all the way down to Eliza). You'll see in one picture that they worked so hard Abigail even fell asleep right on Grandma. Cute! We really enjoyed having the opportunity to help. It was hard for us to leave with them having so much left to do. We ended up leaving Alexis and Cambron behind for another week in order to help them. G & G were SO grateful. Can't wait to see the final results!

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